Welcome to the Pine Island Childcare

Our program director is Jennie Barker.  She can be reached at 507-272-7140 or email [email protected]

Our program is divided into three age groups.

Cubbies - Pre-K (33 months-5 years) 
Panther Pals - K-6th Grade

Monday-Friday 6am-6pm.

Open during the school year, non school days, snow days and summer.  

Cool School and Panther Pals are located at the K-4 building. 
Cubbies is held at the Early Learning Center. 


Cubbies   preschool day=$25     non preschool day=$30     
                 summer=  $33 (4 hours or more),  $19 (up to 4 hours)

Panther Pals/Cool School   $5.00 per hour before and after school care
                                               $31 for non school days

                                               $31 summer care (4 hours or more), $17 (up to 4 hours)   

Step 1     Complete and return the "Interest Form" to Jennie Barker.

Step 2     Jennie will contact you with official registration forms and start date.

Step 3     Complete registration forms at least 1 week prior to start date.