Rehearsal Expectations

These expectations are not unique to our orchestra. They are common to all performing groups. They are also common courtesy. If you do not follow these procedures it may be reflected in your rehearsal etiquette grade for orchestra.

• Attendance and arrival on time to all rehearsals.
• Have instrument, music and pencil at all rehearsals.
• Solve problems (equipment, music, etc.) on your own.
• Be attentive during tuning and rehearsals.
• Be prepared to start after the director has given instructions.
• Proper position and posture are expected while playing.
• Practice orchestra music. Practice tough spots outside of class.
• Please use cell phones and other devices in an appropriate manner (if in doubt, ask for permission).
• Take care of your orchestra music and mark it in pencil only.
• Be a musician. Everyone is responsible for a successful performance.    
• If you have concerns or you need help see the director before or after rehearsal.
• If needed, please use the restroom at the beginning of class. Use of the restroom in the middle of class should be limited to emergencies.