The Varsity, JV, C-Team, 8th Grade, and 7th Grade schedules may be found on the website. 

Additional Panther baseball information can also be found on Twitter @PIhardball as well as our Facebook page Pine Island Panthers Baseball and Instagram (pihardball).

Jr High rules as of 2024 

The biggest change from 6th grade will be the bat regulations!  You can use a -5 bat in 7th grade if you wish, but grades 8-12 will have to use -3 BBCOR bats.  See the regulations below.

1. The first game will not start any earlier than 20 minutes after the visiting bus arrives so that the visiting team has adequate time to warm-up.

2. 7th grade will play first

3. Each game will be 5 innings or an hour and 30 minutes in length, whichever comes first.  If the length of the game is changed, it must be mutually agreed upon by both coaches.  The inning can be completed if it is started before the end of the playing time, but no new inning can start if the hour and 30 minute time limit is up.

4. 55’ pitchers mound and 75’ bases.

5. Besides these particular rules set up, follow the MSHSL rules.

6. Double headers are encouraged for each grade when possible.   Each game of the double header would be one hour and 15 minutes (2011) in length.  The inning can be completed if it is started before the end of the playing time.

7. Bat size – lightest bat for 7th grade should be -5, lightest bat for 8th grade -3 (2007) 7th graders may use -5 BBCOR or USA or USSSA bats for 7th grade games, but if an 8th grader is playing in a 7th grade game, due to player shortages for the 7th graders, they must use -3BBCOR bats.  If a 7th grader plays in the 8th grade game, they would have to use the -3 bats.  Any BESR bat is illegal and should not be allowed.  (2014)