Team Rules and Expectations

All student-athletes must be in good standing with Minnesota State High School League rules regarding eligibility, academic progress and behavior. Practice good conduct and make good choices.

Model Appropriate Behavior: 
Student-athletes will exhibit respectful behavior toward teammates, opponents, referees and coaches. Remember, you represent your families, schools and communities.

Academics: Education is the first priority for all student-athletes. Those who do not meet the standards set by their respective school districts are not allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities until those standards are met. 

Practice Requirements: 1) Be on time...practice begins at the designated time. 2) Bring a water bottle, soccer ball and good attitude. 3) Attire- soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer shorts and school-appropriate tops (no spaghetti straps, open backs or cut out sides etc.) 4) Quality play results from quality practice.

Injuries: Communicate with your coaches. If you sustain an injury during a practice or match, please let them know about it. All injuries resulting medical treatment will require written clearance from a qualified medical profession prior to any resumption of athletic activities.

Absences: In the event of a planned absence from a practice or match, parents must, in advance, notify the head coach via written note, email or text. Any unexcused absence will result in loss of playing time at the next qualifying match.

Transportation: Win or lose, players are expected to ride the bus home from away matches with their teammates. 

Weather Delays: Schedule changes due to weather conditions will be communicated in as timely a fashion as possible.