Mileage Club

Dear Parents,
We are excited to add Mileage Club to our recess options! Mileage Club is an optional program for 6th graders to participate in during recess a few times a week. 

Mileage Club participation has been shown to reduce the number of office referrals (majors and minors) and problem solving of social situations after recess. This is also a great way to promote physical fitness as a joyful and social activity.  

Here's how it works:
On days we do mileage club, students can choose to walk or jog on the Douglas Trail with me. Each student who participates has a card called a Mileage Marker.  Every time a student completes a lap, one punch is made on his/her card. Once 20 punches (laps) are completed, students earn a "toe token." This toe token is a plastic, brightly colored foot that can go on their shoe laces to indicate their accomplishment.

We will do Mileage Club as long as the weather allows us to continue! Please let me know if you have any questions!


Mrs. Northrop