Panther Strikes Softball Board

Below are the Board of Directors for Pine Island Softball Association.  
Please feel free to contact any one of them if you have questions.  

President: Dean Sorum
Vice President: Kim Jones
Secretary: Kimberly Pokrandt
Treasure: Dean Sorum, Jeanette Passow, Ben Skibsted
Tournament Coordinator: Jeanette Passow, Ben Skibsted
Field Coordinator: Steve Polzer
Coach Development Coordinator: Dave Barnett
Umpire Coordinator: Steve Polzer
Equipment Coordinator: Kim Jones, Ben Skibsted
Jersey Coordinator: Kimberly Pokrandt
Registration Coordinator: Kimberly Pokrandt
Medical/Safety Coordinator: Kimberly Pokrandt
Banner Coordinator: Steve Polzer
Fall Ball Coordinator: Kim Jones
Public Relations Coordinator: Jeanette Passow, Bridget Skibsted
Social Media Coordinator: Kelly Jackson