Team Rules

 Pine Island Football Program

Expectations and Responsibilities

When you are a member of the Pine Island Football program, you are responsible for representing yourself, our team, our school and our community.



Commitment: You are expected to fulfill your commitment in participating in practice, meetings, events and fundraisers.


Requirements before 1st Practice: You need to complete the following:

  1. Up to date physical on file in the office
  2. Activity fee paid
  3. Attend the PAC Meeting
  4. Fill out all MSHSL forms and Parent Permission Form


Participation and Conduct:

All players are expected to be at every team event and conduct themselves in a positive manner. Consequences for an unexcused practice, missed game, missed team event or conduct unbecoming during practice, games, team events and media posts are as follows:

            1st Unexcused- 2 quarters of playing time

            2nd Unexcused- 1 game suspension

            3rd Unexcused- Dismissal from the team

*Players are also expected to be on time to practice, games and team functions. Extra conditioning will be assigned to players coming late to practice, games, or team functions. Our expectations are “If you are early you are on time, if you are on time you are late, and if you are late you are left!”


Riding the Bus: All players must ride the bus to the game. It is also expected that players will ride home with the team as well. This expectation is to allow us to celebrate as a team after a win, or reflect as a team on the bus ride home after a loss.  


Academics: We will follow the PIHS policy regarding academic performance for student-athletes. If you have a failing grade in a class you will be expected to attend the pass program. School comes first! If you need help try to arrange a meeting with a teacher before school. If this is not possible please speak to Coach Schiltz or your specific team coach. You will be expected to immediately attend practice after the review session with your teacher is finished.


MSHSL Violations: Violations of the district substance abuse policy and other MSHSL violations will not be tolerated! If you want to participate on our team you must follow these rules.


Varsity Lettering: This will be determined by the coaching staff. To letter players must play in one half of all quarters played during the season. If a player participates in the Pine Island Football Program for four years they will receive a varsity letter.

Leadership Council: Players interested in serving as a leader with the team will apply during the offseason. Players serving in this role will take part in leadership training, regular meetings, and other program events during the offseason.  Any player who participates in conduct unbecoming of a Pine Island Football player may be dismissed from their role on Leadership Council.

Awards: Awards will be acknowledged at the post season banquet after reflection of the full season. Any player who participates in conduct unbecoming of a Pine Island Football player may not be considered for any postseason award.

Parent/Family/Fan Expectations: "Players participate, Coaches coach, Officials officiate and Parents/Families/Fans cheer on their team in a positive respectful manner."


Playing Time:

            7th & 8th grade- The philosophy at the 7th and 8th grade level is to develop skills and encourage participation. Efforts shall be made to have everyone play. The coaching staff will work to provide fair amounts of playing time to each player. Other factors may affect playing time though such as: behavior, hard work, attendance, willingness to be coached and academic progress.

            9th, Junior-Varsity & Varsity- Starting at the 9th grade level, playing time will be increasingly based on the team’s best chance to win along with other factors including, but not limited to ones listed for 7th and 8th grade participants. Coaches will play as many players as possible while still providing the team the best chance to win.

*Playing time at the varsity level is non-negotiable. If a player would like to speak to a coach regarding playing time/ team role they should schedule a time to meet with that coach, that is not immediately following a practice or game. Playing time/ team role will not be discussed with a parent or guardian.


If you have questions please contact Coach Schiltz at [email protected] 


Go Panthers!