Classroom Policies

Below are basic guidelines used in band at all levels. 

Students and parents should contact the director for further clarification.


There are six basic band rules:       

1. Respect others
2. Respect property
3. Demonstrate appropriate rehearsal etiquette
4. Accept responsibility for own learning      

5. Be prompt and prepared       

6. Participate in classroom activities


Need these at each rehearsal:      

1. instrument
2. folder with music      

3. pencil      

4. brass: valve/slide oil      

5. woodwinds: 3-4 reeds      

6. electronic device (as needed)

Electronic Devices

  • Our department is happy to be able to take part in the 1:1 technology initiative that our school provides for students. It is our desire to help students learn proper etiquette in regard to electronics and music rehearsals.
  • With permission, students may use their devices during band class.
  • Band students are encouraged to download apps. with tuning and metronome capabilities.


  • Band lessons emphasize material from lesson books to facilitate individual progress on the student's instrument not on learning band music.
  • Middle school and grade 9 students have scheduled group lessons throughout the year.
  • Wind Ensemble students need to attend at least two lessons per quarter. These students sign up for lessons via the online schedule (link found on Schoology page).


  • Generally there is not a lot of written homework in band.
  • Weekly practice outside of rehearsal is expected. Practice can focus on band music, as well as, lesson preparation.
  • Students will document their practice as explained to each ensemble. Students are encouraged to use the school's practice rooms during study halls, Prowl or before/after school.


Grades for band is based on the following:

  • rehearsal etiquette
  • lessons
  • performances (auditions, concerts, playing tests, etc.)
  • written work

Pine Island Schools Music Department
Performance Attendance Policy

  • Students and parents will receive a list of scheduled performance dates at the beginning of the school year. (See calendar menu)
  • Attendance at all performances is mandatory.
  • Failure to attend a performance will prevent a student from earning points for that event.
  • Students must notify their director in advance of any performance conflicts. The director will determine if the absence is excused. Work will be an unexcused absence.
  • In case of an emergency, notify the director prior to the performance.

Performance Attire

  • Students in Concert Band 8-9 and Wind Ensemble 10-12 will wear black clothing for concerts and other public performances.
  • Students in grades 5-7 will wear dressy, concert appropriate clothing.
  • Concert attire needs to conform to the schools' dress code policy. Short skirts or other revealing clothing is not permitted.
  • Pep Band students should wear their pep band shirt to pep band performances. See the director in the fall if you need to order one for the year.

Extra Activities

There are activities available for band students outside of the school day. See the instructor to find out which activities apply to your level of playing or interests.

  • jazz bands
  • Music Listening Contest
  • pep band (required for Wind Ensemble 10-12)

School Instrument Rental

  • Students renting school band instruments for the year will pay their instrument rental fee via the schools' online fee portal.
  • Fees cover a calendar year (including the summer).
  • Current fees:
    • $100 for students using a wind instrument(s)
    • $50 for percussionists


  • There is a "Pine Island HS Music Letter" which can be acquired through any combination of band, choir, and/or orchestra. This lettering policy can be found under the Documents menu. 
  • Band students may also letter in Pep Band and/or Music Listening Contest. These two activities have their own separate lettering policies.