Preschool Transportation

Transportation MAY be provided on our regular AM and PM bus routes for preschool children.  This transportation generally begins around the 3rd week of school, when the bus routes have been adjusted. At this time preschoolers will be able to ride if they are accompanied by an older sibling or older daycare child to or from a pre-existing bus stop at a home or daycare. 

If the transportation coordinator deems a bus route too full to add any more students, preschoolers will be excluded from that route. 

There is no transportation offered after morning groups or at the start of afternoon groups, only at the beginning and end of the regular school day. 

If you are interested using bus transportation, and there is an older child to accompany your child, you will need to fill out the transportation form. Please call the office for access to the form.  

Important News Flash Regarding Preschool Transportation
Hiawatha Transit has a bus available in Pine Island !  Preschool families may be able to utilize this service for $1.75 per ride.  Round trip transportation would be $3.50 per day. Bus tokens will be sold at City Hall.  Call 866-623-7505 to reach dispatch and schedule rides.